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About Us
About Us

Cultivate healthy eating habits buying our Fresh Vegetables and Fruits.

A diet loaded with the goodness of fruits and vegetables can give one umpteen health benefits. Potentially hundreds of health benefiting nutrients can be consumed if one simply eats a platter of fresh fruits or one to two servings of fresh veggies every day. From promoting weight loss, reducing bad cholesterol and blood sugar in the body to preventing life threatening strokes and other ailments, good eating habits can do wonders in maintaining optimum health and wellness. However, filling your grocery cart with fresh vegetables and fruits can be a task, especially when the current market is flooded with substandard, pesticide-ridden produce that do more harm than good to your body. We, Patel Overseas, use our wealth of industry experience in food sourcing and supply and work to ensure every customer receives the freshest of produce right at their doorsteps.

Patel Overseas

Exporter of Non Basmati Rice, Bananas, Grapes and Fresh Lemon
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Our Team

In our company, we believe in excellence, which we consider as fundamental while running every operation. We know that the same can be attained by rendering exemplary customer service and creating value for buyers.

Our Aim

We do not work to attain short term satisfaction of buyers. Instead, our aim is to generate profitable partnerships with them and assure their long term satisfaction and fulfilment with our products and services.
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